Brother John Martin books:

In French :

* "The human being is greater than religion." (Ed.) (Saccidânanda ashram, India)

* "The Parabola of the Kingdom of God".

In English :

* " You are the light, Rediscovering the Eastern Jesus " ( O books 2003)

* "The Hindu Christ: Jesus' Message Through Eastern Eyes"

* " A short comparative study between Shankara and Maître Eckhart " (2005)

* " Four O'clock Talks: discussions with John Martin Sahajananda (2007 Ed. Carrie Lock).

A number of these books will be translated in French and will be published as soon as possible.

To go further:

Marie -Madeleine Davy : " Henri Le Saux, Le passeur entre deux rives ". (Ed. Albin Michel)

Shirley Du Boulay: "the cave of the heart" (swami Abishiktananda; Henry Le Saux life) Ed. du Cerf

Henri Le Saux O.S.B. : " Initiation à la spiritualité des Upanishads ". (Ed. Présence)

"Jules Monchanin, Regards d'Occident et d'Orient " (PROFAC-CREDIC 1997)

Bede Griffiths: "the marriage of the East and the West" (Templegate 1992)